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About you

  • Wondering about registering as a candidate?

  • You are a Certification Candidate wanting to experience an assessment.

  • You want to support the process either as a Certified Trainer or NVC enthusiast

  • You are curious about assessment in a power with paradigm.

We all form a community to support the assessment process and candidates

We work with many different people around Europe. People come to work with us who want to ensure they are using NVC in the way Dr Marshall Rosenberg intended it. You will have one of the following roles during our events: Assessor, Assessor in Training, Community Member or Candidate. Our focus is, of course, on the Candidates.

As a Candidate you will be in touch with your assessor about readiness to attend for your assessment.

Community Members:

Are you

  • Sharing NVC in your community, with family and friends?

  • Keen to explore a feedback process which will enrich your practise of NVC?

  • Intrigued to see how we work with feedback that increases connection?

  • Ready to dive into a deep learning experience described as 'living nvc' with 5 experienced NVC trainers with decades of experience between them?

Come and join us as a Community Member.

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