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Final Assessment Events

We host assessment events around Europe and invite candidates and community members to join us. We have a commitment to making this as affordable as possible, e.g. we can come to your country.
February: The Netherlands
May/June: The Netherlands
October: Poland

We are running at capacity currently and will need to keep in dialogue with you to find space for everyone who wants to move forward. At some events not all the assessors will be present.  

Community Members and Candidates please come back often to check for our events we will also contact candidates with regular updates.

Candidates: Be aware of how we work now with Stepping Stone events and Final Assessment events. In order to attend your Final Assessment please note the length of time needed to complete your portfolio and liaise with your Assessor and a Co Reader (one of the other assessors).

Money: Each event requires a budget of several thousands of euros (to honour the work of the assessors, the amount of organisation and to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and food for the team, to pay for the venue etc)  We do not (yet) know how to organise such events without using money. We hope that everyone will consciously and wholeheartedly get involved in this process of financial co-responsibility.       

About the fees: We ask for two amounts

The first one is: Accommodation and Costs.
This covers a variety of areas and expenses such as:     Accommodations , Meals each day and refreshments (tea, coffees, snacks) in between    
-Tourist tax. Administration of the event, hosting, trainers accommodations and all travel expenses etc.
The price will depend on what kind of accommodation you chose.


The second is: Tuition.
Tuition fee for Community Members or is called Assessment Fee for Candidates.  

The minimum amount asked supports the sustainability of the assessors' work and the assessment events.
Any extra money will also help if some participants can't afford to pay the minimum for the event.
Any extra contribution you make will go to our foundation "NVC Journey". Set up by the assessors' team to sustain and support all our evetns and assessment work

Please click "discuss with team" if none of the tuition fees presented in the booking form are doable options for you.

A team member will reach out to you to find ways to move forward holding your needs and ours.

To talk about the Assessment fees for Candidates, please contact your assessor.

Final Assessments Coming up


12th- 15th February 2024


This is a Fianl Assessment for candidates who have been working with ESEAT.

Community Members welcome: If you are interested in becoming a Certified Trainer with CNVC, or want an enriching and unique NVC learning experience you are welcome to attend our coming assessment as an NVC-Community Member. You will deepen and develop your NVC skills and awareness while focusing on the candidates. We will all work in community to  ensure the integrity of NVC. You will be invited, at certain times, to give feedback and through the event hold the space with NVC consciousness. 

Questions we invite you to focus on:

What is the experience like for candidates? How do we DO assessment in NVC in partnership?

What would support you to be fully present, fully yourself when you come for assessment? How can you work on your personal learning edges?


Accommodation De Beukenhof, Biezenmortel, The Netherlands

Led by: (In English)

CNVC Assessors: Towe Widstrand from Sweden, Gina Lawrie from United Kingdom, Ian Peatey from Romania and Thera Balvers from The Netherlands: 

Costs are:

Accommodation and Costs

Single room with own bathroom € 625 / Single room without/ bathroom  €  580 / Shared room with bathroom  € 560 / Shared room without bathroom € 505 / Commuter € 395

+ Tuition fee

Tuition fee Community members: € 350 - 700 /  Assessor candidate  Fees € 350 - 900

More information for candidates here. Our events get booked up very quickly. 

Contact Amy Dyer: for more information - but do check the booking form for further details.

Please Note Registrations close on February 5th 2024.

Travel info: 

Closest airports:

Schiphol/Amsterdam (AMS)


From either of these airports, trains are available to the closest train station to the venue which is: Oisterwijk.

To find tickets to the train station:


You can travel by train from Schiphol or Eindhoven to Station Oisterwijk and then travel by OV taxi.

Ov Taxi is a taxi service initiated by the train transporter NS, usually lower cost than the regular taxicabs.


There are also buses from the Oisterwijk station, you can find them here:

if would like to speak with the venue, you can find that info here: 

The venue:

​We also host Stepping Stone events, both online and in person. 

may june
Other Final Assessment Dates for 2024

The Netherlands

May 30th- June 2nd

All assessors present

To register your interest in this event: please enter your details here.


October 22nd- 25th 

“I was fortunate enough to attend the assessment in England. Though I have participated to several IIT’s and other trainings, I can say from the bottom of my heart how my needs for intensity, exchange, knowledge, support, connection, exploration and many more have been met in only four days. I look back with a lot of gratitude to this assessment as a community member and I truly hope and plan to be present at many more to come.” 

Community Member

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