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Final Assessment Events

We host assessment events around Europe and invite candidates and community members to join us. We have a commitment to making this as affordable as possible, e.g. we can come to your country.

We are running at capacity currently and will need to keep in dialogue with you to find space for everyone who wants to move forward. At some events not all the assessors will be present.  

Community Members and Candidates please come back often to check for our events we will also contact candidates with regular updates.

Candidates: Be aware of how we work now with Stepping Stone events and Final Assessment events. In order to attend your Final Assessment please note the length of time needed to complete your portfolio and liaise with your Assessor and a Co Reader (one of the other assessors).

Money: Each event requires a budget of several thousands of euros (to honour the work of the assessors, the amount of organisation and to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and food for the team, to pay for the venue etc)  We do not (yet) know how to organise such events without using money. We hope that  everyone will consciously and wholeheartedly get involved in this process of financial co-responsibility.       

We also host Stepping Stone events, both online and in person. Please see here.


           "I experienced inner space- gratitude for supporting the candidates and

             offering empathy.”              Ike,  Trainer and Community Member 2022

September 18 - 21 2023 Final Assessment 
Accommodation De Beukenhof, Biezenmortel,
The Netherlands
Bookings Open

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Trainer with CNVC, or want an enriching and unique NVC learning experience you  are welcome to attend our coming assessment as a Community Member. (CT's Welcome) You will deepen and develop your NVC skills and awareness while also supporting the candidates. We will all work in community to  ensure the integrity of NVC. You will be invited, at certain times, to give feedback and through the event hold the space with NVC consciousness.

Flyer here with more information


Please note: The first question in this form is "Entry fees" it is a system question and helps determine options and answers further in the form.

Pick the role/label for you, then when you reach the tuition fees section you will see a question that correlates with your entry fee answer.  Please click on the two arrows and this will make the options available. All prices are dependent on your role.

You can pay with Credit or Debit Cards. If you need to speak to anyone about this or other questions please email Amy.

Timings: Monday 18th of September   (starting with lunch), to Thursday 21st of September  (at 2:00PM ).

“I was fortunate enough to attend the assessment in England. Though I have participated to several IIT’s and other trainings, I can say from the bottom of my heart how my needs for intensity, exchange, knowledge, support, connection, exploration and many more have been met in only four days. I look back with a lot of gratitude to this assessment as a community member and I truly hope and plan to be present at many more to come.” 

Community Member

Final Assessment Dates for 2024

The Netherlands

February 12th -  15th

Assessors Present

Thera Balvers, Towe Widstrand, Gina Lawrie and Dionne Verbeet 

The Netherlands

May 30th- June 2nd

All assessors present



Date to be confirmed

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