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How we work with the number of days request.


As assessors we have taken on a role within CNVC: to convey the values of NVC and its application. We base our work on the CPP.  We work as a team, your portfolio will be read by others of us to give you a deep experience of feedback.

Our intention


Each candidate is unique and we aim for balance, giving feedback on skill level, growth and awareness. We strive at working within a “power with” paradigm.  We work together with our colleagues to collate feedback around readiness. 


We aim to protect the integrity of NVC and at the same time to also be flexible. A candidate's local and personal conditions are taken into consideration. You are encouraged to discuss questions with your assessor, with mutuality and care for the integrity of NVC.


What you are asked to do


The minimum required for certification is 50 full days of training, including at least one International Intensive Training (strongly recommended). This is a minimum; most candidates find they accumulate much more training than the minimum before feeling confident about their NVC skills. Therefore we might also ask you to do more than 50 days before final assessment and we may ask you to do some other activity.


FAQ’s: And do talk to your Assessor about your circumstances.
  1. Do days before registration count? Yes, before registration you are asked to have minimum 20 days with Certified Trainers. Keep a record of the number of days training you have participated in.

  2. How do we count days? We do want to count your training taken in days. Our team accepts 6-8 hours as a full day. Record specific: name of trainer, date, exact hour(s) of training, topic, site. For each training experience, after registration, we request a written summary of main points learned: 1- 2 paragraph for your portfolio.

(NB: other examples may contribute: for example: Attending a course over time with the same trainer with 10 x 2 hour session in a course= 20 hours= 3 days.

Having 1:1 coaching/ mentoring can also contribute. 7 Hours = One day. We do not count courses less than 3 hours)

  1.  What about summer camps/ family camps and festivals? Provide a complete report of your own activities and discuss with your assessor. Which workshops did you participate in?  Who was the trainer? How many participants?  How involved were you? Please give examples. Candidate makes an estimation of full days and half days, after the event, that they consider contributes to the number of days. And clearly list them in their portfolio including for each training experience, a written summary of main points learned: 1- 2 paragraphs.

  2. What about training with a non certified trainer/ independent trainer? Twenty percent of the required 50 days = 10 days, of training is accepted if your assessor has a personal relationship or knows and respects the non-CT and trusts that you are receiving NVC training in harmony with NVC values. Whether or not a specific non-CT is acceptable to a specific assessor is mutually decided upon by the candidate and his/her assessor. 

  3. Does online training count?  Currently the CPP accepts up to 30% online = 15 days. Credit for online NVC training to be based on the following guidelines:

a. The training is received from CNVC Certified Trainers. b. The training is interactive and participatory- for eg attending a webinar where you do not actively engage with content is NOT included. c. The training offers opportunities for giving and receiving feedback As above (3), we ask for your reflections on what you have learnt.

  1. Does working as an assistant with a Certified Trainer count? We appreciate that  candidates ‘apprenticing ‘ and working as assistants is a valuable way to learn and grow. We also want you to be fully present. A maximum of 5 days can be counted.

We aim to resolve any differences together. Please see how we respond to complaints or conflicts here.

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