About our Team

Each of us is a Certified Trainer with the  Centre for Nonviolent Communication. Our team has been together in it's current form since 2016 and we are currently working with two assessors in training (more details soon).

Some ideas about how to chose your assessor:

  • Consider speaking to more than one of us to get a sense of ‘fit’ which might include: areas of special interest, past experience, chemistry.

  • think about travel expenses, as we want to meet you face to face during your process

  • our common language is English and some of us can support you in other languages

  • at this time Thera is based in The Netherlands and in general with Dutch speaking candidates. Some of us have a focus of working with communities in particular regions in order to support an efficient a system as possible and make the best use of all of our resources. 

We are trying to balance offering choice to candidates with managing the complexity of our workload, so whereas we encourage you to form your preferences we ask you not to be attached, incase it doesn’t work for the wider picture.

Towe Widstrand (Sweden)

Towe Widstrand BA, is a graduate of the University of Stockholm, Sweden in business and psychology. She has worked as a training consultant since the mid-1980s. After meeting and studying with Marshall since 1987, she devoted her professional life to sharing NVC in various ways. Over the decades, Towe has conducted NVC-trainings in more than 20 countries, working in a wide variety of settings, including public organisations, private companies, public groups and with individuals. She assisted Marshall as a trainer in many IITs. She has also served the Center for Nonviolent Communication by sitting on the Board of Directors and filling the role of International Project Coordinator.

Towe has served as assessor for CNVC as long as the process has existed. She loves contributing to clarity and safety in the groups and for the candidates she works with, sometimes through "fierce kindness," to use the words of one of her participants. She wishes for others to realize how the insights of NVC bring relief and personal power."

Gina Lawrie

Gina Lawrie has been a certified trainer since 1997 and integrated NVC into her practice as a consultant, coach and trainer in both personal and organisational development. Being a facilitator of Open Space (OST), she recognised the synergy between OST and NVC and facilitated the first two giraffe conventions as well as other events since then. She may be best known in the NVC community for co-creating the NVC Dance Floors with Bridget Belgrave. This innovative method for sharing and practicing NVC is now translated into thirteen languages.

Gina has worked internationally, introducing NVC to Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand. She is an experienced assessor for certification with CNVC, and has trained on IIT's both with and without Marshall. She loves to bring clarity and to support people to fulfil their dreams.Learn more about Gina.

Deborah Bellamy
No longer accepting candidates

Since May 2014, Deborah Bellamy has delighted in working in partnership with the other assessors as a part of the English-speaking, European Assessor Team. She spent a year and a half prior to this as an Assessor in Training. She has been a certified trainer since 2003, and enjoys the contribution to NVC consciousness/integrity that being an assessor gives her. She is based in Vienna, Austria and her focus is on supporting [E]astern European candidates. In 2003, she co-founded a network in Austria called 'Gewaltfreie Kommunikation Austria.' This community now has over 200 members who are learning, growing, and contributing towards NVC consciousness. Deborah has worked internationally and locally over the years with a variety of NVC trainers. She brings in lightness, humour and joy to her training. She is inspired to support others’ evolution as individuals, and helping them bring their gifts to the world. Learn more about Deborah. Please note Deborah will retire in December 2021.

Thera Balvers 
(The Netherlands)

Thera Balvers has her own practice and training organisation as a psychotherapist, NVC trainer, mediator, coach, hypnotherapist, Simonton therapist (cancer treatment) and Master in Flower Art. She has a lot of experience in personal growth and development and giving trainings in various subjects and with various target groups (organisations, welfare sector, medical sector). Humour is important to her life, and she likes to balance depth and lightness in her work.

She loves to inspire and support people on their certification path towards sharing NVC in the world.The priority for Thera, in her role as an assessor, will be focused to support candidates from the Dutch-speaking community

Shona Cameron

Shona Cameron is an educational psychologist and has been a certified trainer since 2006. Shona's work in school's, specialising in consultation with teachers, parents and young people, bought her immense satisfaction. In the role of educational psychologist, she brought NVC into places where no-one knew about it, they just noticed she did things ‘a bit differently’ from others. She also got the best training ever in 'street giraffe' while working with teenagers. In 2016 she left this part of her life to become an assessor and Nonviolent Communication trainer full time.

Shona enjoys being part of a team AND experiences working with the English Speaking European Assessor Team as NVC in action. 

Shona believes we are all doing our best in every moment. She is known for facilitating with clarity, humour and warmth. She cannot decide what to specialise in but is especially interested in the role of leadership being about creating leaders and she is endlessly fascinated by the power of presence and empathy as she learnt from being with Marshall Rosenberg. Learn more about Shona.

Ania Mills (Poland)

Ania Mills has been incorporating NVC into her work life since it was first introduced into Poland, with her help, 2001.

She has studied with NVC founder Marshall Rosenberg and with international trainers in Sweden, Hungary, Poland, and the United States. In 2009, she completed postgraduate Trainer Studies at Warsaw School of

Social Sciences and Humanities.

A trainer since 2003, she became a CNVC Certified Trainer in 2008. A full-time NVC trainer and mediator with experience working with multicultural groups leading and co-facilitating trainings in 3 continents.

A recent professional interest is training trainers—offering NVC as a tool for improving quality and efficiency also for trainers in other disciplines. She also works as MBRS mindfulness teacher introducing participants to meditation practice.

Anna lives near Warsaw, Poland where she also has her small pottery studio. Learn more about Ania

Sandrine Miesch

We work closely with Assessors from around the world including German-speaking Assessors (who also work in English at times).