Fees (as of November 2019)

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Assessor usually spends 2 days reading and reviewing the portfolio and spends 1 day meeting with the candidate. The co reader spends 1 day reading and meets with the assessor, and is paid from final assessment fee.

If you and your assessor mutually decide that the final assessment has been successful, please submit the certification fee, payable to CNVC, along with the required materials to the CNVC office in order to complete the certification process.

If the pre-assessment is not followed by the assessment itself, the pre-assessment fee may still apply in consideration of the assessor's time. The candidate can re-apply after six months, and might be requested to pay again for the additional assessor's time. 

If you have difficulty in meeting these fees, please discuss alternatives with your assessor: deferred payments, payment plan option, in-kind or other ways of contributing, resources to learn how to do one's own fund raising, etc. 

If willingly offered and received, candidates can contribute beyond this range, with awareness of the assessor's efforts on their behalf, and also to support other candidates with less resources. 

In keeping with the integrity of the NVC process, we expect that some candidates who are already well trained and experienced will not start at the very beginning of these procedures. Assessors are very willing to discuss flexible arrangements with individual candidates.

Amount of Money Asked for Assessor Fees at Final Assessment (as of November 2019):

  • For Individuals:
    € 300 - € 700+ 


  • For Sole Traders / Self-Employed People:
    € 350 - € 700+ (please give us your information for a receipt)

  • If your place is paid for by an organisation/ business:

€ 700 (please give us your information for a receipt)

Please consider if you can pay more -- this will support others to become certified and contribute to the growth of NVC globally. Choose an amount for donation and let us know.

Why are there different amounts?

We want to encourage everyone to participate in Nonviolent Communication training.

Individuals paying for themselves do not have the benefit of claiming against tax so they don't need an invoice. We want to support you by offering a low tariff.

Sole Traders/ Self Employed: We ask more and send an invoice/ receipt so that  you can make use of the tax systems in your country and pay less tax.

Companies and organisations receive an invoice in the name of the company. They support, by their contribution, the individuals. We know companies and organisations have a training budget and can deduct the training costs from tax bills.

Should this raise any questions, feel free to contact us.

Requests to pay less than the amounts above:

It’s also possible to make a request if money is a barrier for you. When we receive donations we can support such requests.

We ask you to explore within yourself how much you can offer us, as you take into account your and our needs.

Please consider that we ask the minimum, as noted above, to support you to come and anything different has an impact on our income.