INFORMATION ON FEES for 2015/16: Please note we are implementing a new pricing structure in 2020

If you and your assessor mutually decide that the final assessment has been successful, please submit the certification fee, payable to CNVC, along with the required materials to the CNVC office in order to complete the certification process.

If the pre-assessment is not followed by the assessment itself, the pre-assessment fee may still apply in consideration of the assessor's time. The candidate can re-apply after six months, and might be requested to pay again for the additional assessor's time. 

If you have difficulty in meeting these fees, please discuss alternatives with your assessor: deferred payments, payment plan option, in-kind or other ways of contributing, resources to learn how to do one's own fund raising, etc. 

If willingly offered and received, candidates can contribute beyond this range, with awareness of the assessor's efforts on their behalf, and also to support other candidates with less resources. 

In keeping with the integrity of the NVC process, we expect that some candidates who are already well trained and experienced will not start at the very beginning of these procedures. Assessors are very willing to discuss flexible arrangements with individual candidates.

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