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Approaching NVC Certification

If you believe that you are approaching the Pre-assessment stage, we assume that you have at least 30 days of training. Check with your assessor how you can proceed and how best to use your resources.

Your Journey can be discussed with your assessor and with mutual agreement our process might be adjusted to meet all our needs. 

It is essential for us to protect the integrity of NVC. 

Therefore we want to meet, explore and learn with you in person before your pre assessment. Our request is at least 8 days with your assessor and/ or members of the team. 


  • Has an assessor from our team seen you ‘live’ and ‘share’ NVC?

  • Have you worked on seeing the assessors as ‘authority figures’?

Our Stepping Stone events are designed to support all of us to work with Partnership.

We like to see you demonstrating skills in these areas: 


  • Are you clear about Key Differentiations and how to answer Frequently Asked Questions as an NVC trainer? (To suit your context)

  • Does your journal contain examples of dialogues; expressing myself, offering empathy to an other person, self empathy?

  • Do you have the requested amount of feed-back forms?

  • We have some tips for pulling your portfolio together.

  • Have you been to a final assessment as a Community Member?

  • Are you working in a Peer Group to gather feedback and build community?

Final Assessment 

The Final Assessment takes three days and we can work with up to 10 Candidates. We will follow the description in the CPP. These assessment days are open to anyone in our community.

The focus is on the candidates that are present for their final assessment. A culmination of their work so far.

Community members are invited and as a candidate you are encouraged to participate at least once in a final assessment as a community member.

We aim at working in partnership with participating community members, with the assessors and the Candidates learning how to ‘do’ assessment in this paradigm. We  are all learning all the time from and with each other. 

We have integrated a 360° feedback processes in our work as a team as well as for candidates during assessment events.


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