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  1. Conflict Support Process
  2. Cancellations

1. Conflict Support Process

This process has been written to support any conflict/ complaint that arises from an event advertised on our ESEAT website Updated May 2023.

Purpose and Principles of this Policy

To support clear, respectful acknowledgement of your dissatisfaction with our services

To support, fast, careful, timely and transparent movement through any complaints and issues raised

Our intention is to offer services in ways that value integrity, inclusion, care and respect for all. We also know that, despite our very best intentions, there may be times when there is dissatisfaction with our work. We believe that every voice matters and we want yours to be heard.


We value feedback even if it's scary to give it to us: We aim to receive with openness. We are committed to learning and improving our services, communication and practice. If at any time your feedback is difficult for us to hear we commit to getting support to genuinely open our heart to what you want us to understand. 

Your complaint will always be handled confidentially.


If you are dissatisfied in any way with any service you receive from one of us, before, during or after an event or during your certification process:

1.   Reach out and find support:

 As our practice is NVC, which is a community based practice of mutual support, please see if you have capacity to get some support from another member in the NVC network (an empathy buddy or someone else you feel comfortable with) to help you get clear about your needs.


2.   Contact us:

Contact us with your complaint. Please put the word 'Complaint' in the subject header.
We will reply within 2 weeks.
We will register your complaint and record actions taken on this during the period we are active on it and hold documents for another 3 months in our archive.
We will 
endeavour to offer a schedule by which complaints and conflicts will be dealt with, and to keep you informed of timescales. 

If necessary, we will have a conversation for us to hear your complaints and find a resolution of the issue. If you are satisfied, this is the end of the process. We hope to meet with you within 3 weeks and will inform you within those 3 weeks if matters require longer. We will explain you the reasons why we can’t manage it in time and will give you an indication when we can give clarity to you. 

If at the end of this internal process, you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can seek support from colleagues within the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC).

Further support could include more dialogue, empathy, mediation, a community circle, written acknowledgements of our learning, a commitment to training, other action steps.

At conclusion a statement will be made to you who bought the complaint, the community, recommendations are tracked, and the case is closed. At all stages, we will keep records and work within agreed time scales.

2. Cancellations

In the event we need to cancel an event we have organised, we will work to replay any money paid to us within 4 weeks. 


Cancellation from a participant

If you chose to cancel your booking with us please let us know as soon as possible:

Fees will be fully refunded only if your place on the course is filled by someone on the waiting list or if you find someone to take your place. If the place on the course is not filled by someone else and cancellation is more than two months before the event, your fees will be refunded minus 10%  admin cost. If your place on the course is not filled by someone else and the cancellation is  between two months and four weeks before the event, any fees paid will be refunded minus 20%, to cover costs.

If your place on the course is not filled by someone else and the cancellation is two weeks or less before the event, fees will not be refunded. However, individual situation will be taken into account and dialogue will be at the heart of how we work with this situation. We want to find strategies that meet the needs of all (participant and ESEAT team).                                                                               
You may wish to consider taking out an insurance policy to cover the risk of illness. In the event of you canceling, you can gift your place to someone else- there are many people on our network who do not have the funds to attend such an event.

Changing your Booking

Please note

If you choose to change your confirmed accommodation booking, an administrative fee of  25 euros will be applicable.

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