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Stepping Stones: 2024

The Netherlands
 Venue- Beukenhaeghe, Moergestel, Nederland
23rd- 25th August 2024
Assessors Present:

Thera, Shona, Ola.  


This is the English Speaking European Assessor Team (ESEAT) special program, Stepping Stones, developed for anyone who wants to share NVC with integrity to its values. You will be able to tap into the experience of three trainers who have spent decades sharing NVC in various settings.

Centering and focus

Candidates and Certified Trainers are welcome

- A space for you to pause and center your practice as a trainer- with feedback: 

Depth and Integration

What are your strengths as a trainer? What is your style? What do you need to polish? What are the inner obstacles in yourself to shine as a trainer?  Is there fear in you that makes you hesitate?  

Take a step on the Stepping Stone!


Check In and challenge yourself to grow.

Experience the ease in receiving feedback beyond right and wrong.

Areas we can cover:

  • deepen your skills in empathic listening

  • work on personal learning edges

  • learn to give and receive feedback in the partnership paradigm

  • practice aspects of what we cover in the assessment

  • work on enemy images

  • relationship to power

  • how to handle conflict

See Nonviolent Communication NVC| Assessment | Certification to explore more for yourself and bring your questions. 

Open to anyone with min.  20 days training.  Questions?

Price is in two parts A + B

A= All food and accomodation =  €400 - 600. Commuter price also available.

+ B=  Tuition fee  € 460 -760

To give you some idea: Single room with own bathroom € 600 ( 2 available)

Single room without/ bathroom  €  500 ( 1 available) 

Shared Studio with bathroom  € 475     (12 Available/ 3 persons in each studio) 

Shared room without bathroom € 400   (10 Available/ 2 persons in each room) 

Commuter € 395  ( 10 Available) 

More details on the booking form.


Online Stepping Stones

Dates for your diary:
28th, 29th + 30th November 2024

In the Afternoons with Shona, Ania and Dionne.

Booking Open Soon.

Our purpose in offering Stepping Stone events:-

  • In-depth learning and practice of NVC,  for your integration of skills and knowledge

  • To increase clarity about the requests for the portfolio and the final assessment

  • To create awareness of and support for growth in your learning edges.

  • To give and receive feedback in a partnership paradigm

  • To meet and know each other as assessors and candidates.

  • To support a sense of belonging to a ‘journey of giraffes*’


Come together in a safe space and build on your NVC trainer skills.

A unique combination of mentoring and training towards 

Certification in Nonviolent Communication


Possible subjects to cover developed in co-creation  with participants:

  • Empathic listening

  • What is emotional safety?

  • Responding to challenging questions when sharing NVC 

  • Aspects of the assessment for preparation and to explore your readiness

  • Enemy images transformation, with support from experienced trainers


Final Assessment events can be found here.

In Person Stepping Stones:

Here are the benefits we believe you will get from a Stepping Stone event:

  • Getting to know each other- even more important if moving further online

  • Learning in depth- integration of skills and knowledge

  • Learning with depth- relationship building with assessor and other candidates

  • Clarity about ESEAT approach

  • Peace of mind- in meeting us and seeing we are human!

  • Alignment with goals of ESEAT

  • Belonging to a journey of Giraffes

  • Ongoing feedback

  • Trust in the process

  • Living NVC becomes easier

  • Wealth of experience to draw on

  • Your moment to pause, reflect and be inspired

  • Plan your next steps

  • Free yourself from past issues of power and assessment

  • Community Building/Networking

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