Stepping Stones (Events)


Candidates who register with us are invited on a journey with Stepping Stones along the way. 

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 (See here for Final Assessment dates)

Next Stepping Stones: 
  • 17th - 20th October- in person- The Netherlands. With Gina Lawrie and Thera Balvers.
  • More information coming soon

Here’s what we believe you will receive from the Stepping Stone events:

  • deepening your skills in empathic listening

  • working on personal learning edges

  • learn to give and receive feedback in the partnership paradigm

  • practising aspects of what we cover in the assessment

  • working on enemy images in a safe environment

  • building connection in an international community

These events will be:

  • a combination of mentoring and training

  • 3 or 4 day international residential events


  • 2 assessors from our team present and possibly other guests


  • either organised by us, or we come to your region on request.


We wish to offer a programme that gives plenty of choice. Where you and your assessor will decide what fits best for your personal development needs. Your journey will also be based on the feedback you receive from the community created. We have a strong intention for this approach to mean that more than one assessor can get to know you well. Flexibility to tailor things to individuals is also an important principle for us.

You will have the opportunity to attend as many Stepping Stone events as you like. We anticipate that most people will attend two Stepping Stone events and one final assessment as a community member before they are ready for pre-assessment.

At Stepping Stone events you will have time to pause, for reflection of your process, skills and blind spots and for exploration of readiness for assessment in partnership with peers and assessors. We also spend time with how the question of authority, privilege and power lives in you and what it means for your trainings and offerings.


Our purpose for Stepping Stone events:-

  • In-depth learning and practice, integration of skills and knowledge

  • Working on growth and feedback in community 

  • Supporting a sense of belonging to a ‘journey of giraffes*’

*The collective noun for a group of giraffes is a herd, sometimes called a "journey of giraffes" – which describes the way they move across their typical savannah, woodland and grassland habitat.

Stepping Stones -Online:
We have offered these online in the past and more will be offered in 2023
  • Previous Cost(to give you an idea) : a range from 250€ to 500€

  • Each day we will spend 3.5 hours together on Zoom from 14.00 till 17.30 (CET) (1 pm – 4.30 pm (UK)

  • Please be aware we still want to meet you in person at our other events. To support our intention for more than one assessor to know you, to build community and to support the development of skills we consider crucial in becoming a Certified Trainer. Together, we make a mutual decision for you to move forward towards assessment and this is best done in person.