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Stepping Stones (Events)
We offer two additional ways to meet with us apart from Final Assessments.
  1. An in-person Stepping Stone and an
  2. Online Virtual Step


Candidates who register with us are invited on a journey with Stepping Stones along the way. 

Online Stepping Stone Event: Virtual Step
14th + 15th + 16th  June
with Thera Balvers, Ania Mills and  Shona Cameron, CNVC  Assessors with ESEAT
Come together in a safe space and deepen your NVC trainer skills.
A unique combination of mentoring and training towards 
Certification in Nonviolent Communication
Welcoming Jackals and Deepening Empathic Listening

This event is for anyone sharing NVC: CNVC Certification Candidates, other NVC trainers or those curious about living and sharing NVC (Minimum of 20  training days with CT).     

Our purpose:

  • In-depth learning and practice of NVC,  for your integration of skills and knowledge

  • To increase clarity about the requests for the portfolio and the final assessment

  • To create awareness of and support for growth in your learning edges.

  • To practise feedback in a partnership paradigm

  • To meet and know each other as assessors and candidates.

  • To support a sense of belonging to a ‘journey of giraffes’*


Cost: Sliding scale: € 250 - € 500

Each day we will spend 3.5 hours together on Zoom

from 14.00 till 17.30 (CET) / 13.00 till 16.30 (UK)

More information on our Flyer


*The collective noun for a group of giraffes is a herd, colloquially called a journey of giraffes – which aptly describes the way they traverse their typical savannah, woodland and grassland habitat.


OnlineSS June2023.png
 More dates for 2023: Stepping Stones

24 - 27 October - In Person, Stepping Stones, Poland. with Shona Cameron, Ania Mills

and Gina Lawrie


Final Assessment events can be found here.

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