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NVC Assessment with the English Speaking European Assessment Team

We collaborate with people who are:

  • Registered Candidates, moving towards certification

  • NVC Community members

  • NVC Supporters

  • Certified Trainers, for further development. 

We share a leading principle of partnership, towards an integration of NVC consciousness. Our focus is care through which we bring Dr. Marshall Rosenberg's legacy of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) into the future with highest possible quality and integrity that we learned directly from him.


The path to CNVC certification is comprised of six steps (in sequence):

  1. pre-registration

  2. registration

  3. preparation for assessment (3-5 years)

  4. pre-assessment

  5. assessment

  6. certification


Our intention is to bring community and assessment together in a 'journey of giraffes.' We have recently updated our process which includes:

  • Seeing your journey with us as more of a whole 

  • Supporting you in deepening your personal development and therefore better protect the integrity of NVC.

  • Introducing a requirement for candidates to be part of a Peer Group so that community feedback is part of the process for everyone.

Other key things remain the same:

  • We follow the Certification Preparation Packet.

  • Pre assessment will happen with your assessor after you have completed your portfolio

  • Coming to final assessment, held in community, will be decided mutually with your assessor.




Final Assessment

Your final assessment will be based on feedback from your wider community, feedback from the Stepping Stone events, completion of requests in the CPP including your portfolio and your readiness. At all times dialogue and mutuality will guide the stages. 

The event that will hopefully lead to your recommendation to become a Certified Trainer with CNVC.

The Final Assessment events will include all the aspects described in the CPP.

For more detailed information you have two choices:

stepping stones.jpg
Our journey with you: Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones are points in time to pause and reflect. We will invite you to ask yourself and our community whether you are ready for pre-assessment.


Who comes to our events? 

People like Erna, Mieke, and Sigrid as seen in this video, all interested in becoming certified in Nonviolent Communication, other NVC enthusiasts and Certified Trainers. Learn more.



"I feel very grateful that I had the chance to be (at an assessment event) as an obser
ver. I have learnt so much, especially about my self."

~ Community Member November 2015.

​​"I was fortunate to attend the assessment in England in October 2018. Though I have participated to several IIT’s and other trainings, I can say from the bottom of my heart how my needs for intensity, exchange, knowledge, support, connection, exploration and many more have been met in only four days. I look back with a lot of gratitude to this assessment as a community member and I truly hope and plan to be present at many more to come."

Photos of past events

We work mainly within Europe and welcome visitors from all over the world to see how we build community around the assessment process for the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC).

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